BusinessBuildersNFTs economic redistribution

In order to protect the long-term economics of the project, we decided to analyze our situation monthly. In this way we will release the statistics and projections of the project for the next month(s).

I want to thank you very much for the support we have had in the last weeks, without you our project would not make sense. I hope that little by little we can build a great community and work together to find the best solutions to all our problems.

What is the situation?

According to our statistics. From August 22nd until today we had a great advance in the value of our token, we also had an increase of active players in our platform, from 6 active players we went to 53 active players and we also increased our tokens blocked in the cities, from 2,700,000 FTB to 4,900,000 FTB. It was a great month for our economy but we also have a significant decrease in reinvestment or investment in our game so we decided to take action and alter a little the economy of the project.

What is our perspective?

According to the statistics more than 80% of the FTBs generated in our cities were sold and there was no significant increase in investment and reinvestment so the reward pool had a large decrease in tokens. The rewards pool went from 27,000,000 FTB to 26,000,000 FTB, this means that we did not manage to maintain the relationship between city generation, investment and reinvestment making us lose potential in increasing the value and sustainability of our project.

The rewards pool collect less than 200,000 FTB, this means that we had a negative balance sheet during the last month. Although the price of the token has increased.

What is the proposal?

We need to change the way new users see our project so we will reduce the price of the NFTs. The employees cost is 10,000 and will be 5,000 FTB, mini employees will have a price of 500 FTB and the employees breeding will be 500 FTB for each mini employee.

On the other hand, with the price reduction we will be able to increase the cycle time. It will now be 12 days based on the instant sale of players and the price reduction for new players. With this we maintain the return on investment ratio for new players and reduce the sales pressure from old players.

Why we made this decision?

Because the players are selling all generated FTB on the cities, the rewards pools has a reduction of tokens and we need time to reach new users. For now we can’t maintain the relation between investments and withdraws because for now we don’t start with the promotions or advertising. Although, due to the token value increment the ratio of investment and earning will be better naturally for the old players.

This is our proposal to maintain the project in the long term, to have time to create new relationships and to get more visualization for our project. As We have said in many of our announcements, we don’t want a project for only one month, that is why we are creating new applications that will help us to maintain it but if all the users sell all the FTB they get and we don’t have the suport for all sells it is impossible to maintain it.

This proposal will help us to maintain our project for a longer period of time, give time to the developers to finish the new application and improve our economy little by little.

The next month we will see the statistics again and create other proposal.

I trust your abilities and I can feel the love you put into this project so I support you and your proposal :wink: