Community Proposal 1: Collaborative promotion plan for Meter and Moonbeam(Draft)

Proposal Attribution: Meter Community (not the project owner)

Proposal sponsor: shanjiefengyi (address:0xf6B5FD8e2CAC43987DE603ce7942E09e2DC8A2C9)

Proposal executed by: shanjiefengyi (Address:0xf6B5FD8e2CAC43987DE603ce7942E09e2DC8A2C9)

The cost of this cooperation program: 750 MTRG (of which 550 are campaign rewards) & CV NFT (this cooperation is the theme)

Incentive funder: Community treasury

The need for the proposal: Meter and Moonbeam have a very deep collaboration in cross-chain. Given that this cooperation has a very good influence on Meter’s ecology. In addition to the normal article promotion, I think there should be a secondary promotion for this cooperation. (Official cooperation article: Meter Passport Bridge Deploys on Moonriver, with Moonbeam Deployment Later This Year: bridge-deploys-on-moonriver-with-moonbeam-deployment-later-this-year-b2a2e425ff04).

The purpose of the reference.

Allow both communities to get to know each other.

Expand the impact of this collaboration.

Let users experience Meter products.


Event Program

Introduction: For substantial collaboration, the best collaboration solution is experience! So this partnership program is to give airdrop to users who cross-chain from Moonriver to Meter.

Activity time: MOVR-MTRG pool in VoltSwap on line at the beginning of the block, a total of 241920 blocks (according to 2.5 seconds a block counting time, about a week or so, MOVR-MTRG pool deployment of blocks do not count)

Specific planning of activities.

Official matching campaign: 85% reduction in bridge cost for all users to cross-chain from Moonriver to Meter. (This is the official long-term subsidy campaign) (The current cross-chain cost is 0.8 MOVR, after reimbursement it is 0.12 MOVR, which is worth about 30 knife)

From the beginning of the campaign period, the 1st, middle 20, and the last independent Moonriver cross-chain block all receive 25 MTRG (approximately $100 worth) as a reward. (Independent Moonriver cross-chain block is the block in which there is one and only one transaction from Moonriver cross-chain to Meter)

All cross-chain addresses during the campaign period will receive NFT from Meter Community Mint as a reward.

Publicity channels: Twitter (official friendly support from Meter), Chinese WeChat public website (official friendly support from Meter), Facebook (official friendly support from Meter)

Supporting articles: pre-event article writing (event tutorial), post-event article summary.

Projects Amount
Event Rewards 550 MTRG
Promotion costs 0
Proposer fees (mainly companion article writing, award publishing GAS fees) 200 MTRG
Total 750 MTRG


The sponsor of the proposal certifies that

A、Knowledge of Meter project

1, I am Meter China operation, translated the community document for the Chinese community:
2. Since July this year, we have been running Meter China WeChat public number: Meter enthusiast community

Have the basic task completion ability
1、Propose, initiate and complete VoltSwap naming (SWAP project incubated by Meter and donated to the community), please check the whole detailed process:

Ensure that you can complete as agreed

Will pledge 500U as deposit. Since there is no relevant smart contract yet, after communicating with the project, I will send 500 USDT to the project for safekeeping on the Meter mainnet when the task plan is posted to Snapshot for proposal.

This is a purely community-based proposal. The project owner pays for the costs in this proposal. (The contract will be paid automatically if the governance of the community vault is theoretically sound)
Explain the reasons why this proposal should be adopted.

  1. The collaboration between Meter and Moonbeam is of great significance, as it connects Meter and Boka, so the community should hold an event for this important collaboration to expand his influence.
  2. The progress in the proposal is in line with the project’s progress. The project mentioned MOVR-MTRG in the initial flow pool of VoltSwap, indicating that the project will issue the token on Meter soon.
  3. This proposal does not affect any progress of the project side, and can be done entirely by myself. (Because if the community proposal needs the project side to cooperate, the project side will soon be unable to advance any core progress)

Yes, I think this is inline with the rebates we give to all the users (85% rebate in bridge fee to all the user into the Meter network). I actually propose a bigger campaign, we should airdrop MTRG on moonriver to all users bridge into the Moonriver network, so they will see MTRG immediately after they onboard Moonriver. This should enhance our community outreach