Creating a farming pool for ONLY-MTRG pair

I was thinking 8000 volt / per 30 day period would be nice but I’m ok with anything. This is mainly to incentivize people to provide liquidity for this pair as I am currently the only provider so liquidity is low.


yes I agree. Allocating 8000 VOLT each month to the MTRG / Only pool is certainly great. Being the first Meme coin on Meter I think it is right to reward it


Beautiful proposal !!! I can’t wait for it to come true​:fire::fire:


Yes! I agreed! This will be fantastic :top::top::zap:


Very very interesting proposal! I’m agree!!!:+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:


What’s ONLY? And why should this pair be incentivized?
Is your main (and only) reason that you’re the only provider?
What’s this? A joke or a scam?

I just saw above this is a meme coin.
Well, if Meter team is serious about anything, they shouldn’t support this type of proposals by giving away VOLT to the first one around the corner who issues any token and pretends that’s a project.
I’m sure there are much better things to incentivize than shitcoins.

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I think that this kind of token could help to make the Meter and the whole ecosystem known so even a minimal allocation could be a good idea.

I really like meter from the tenological side. The team and community are the best. But personally, I would not want there to be “very useful” memecoins in the ecosystem at an early stage. Waiting for Sumer :slight_smile: