DAI.eth ? Did I do something wrong?

I sent DAI from the Ethereum Network to the Moonriver network, and now it seems to be “stuck” in a token called DAI.eth ==. I tried googling a solution before posting here to no avail. But now I see I can use the app to send DAI.eth to send back to Etereum network, but I don’t want to keep sending it and accruing fees each time. My goal was to send DAI to the Moonriver network to buy sRomeDao but now it seems my only option is to reverse the process and rack up another $100+ of ETH in fees.

Also, nothing seems to recognize DAI.eth so I can’t swap it for anything. What use is DAI.eth ? Why is the option even available?

I did try to send 10 DAI.eth to my FTX account, no luck, it never arrived.

What do you recommend?

Hey, I have the same problem, if you ever find out a solution please hit me up.

Let’s try reddit. I don’t think this forum is monitored.

Nothing on Reddit either. I may cut my losses and just swap it back to the Eth chain. I’ll wait til the weekend for cheaper fees. I just read the documentation, and I like this app, I just really screwed this up. I’m assuming our DAI.eth is “emulated” or something and therefore not usable (but that begs the question, why bother at all?)

Sorry, I think you can ask in Meter’s TG group and the admin will help you
Meter TG group: Telegram: Contact @Meter_IO