Help us Rename MeterSwap!

MeterSwap, an integral and important part of the Meter ecosystem, is getting a major facelift with the highly anticipated “version 2” release. MeterSwap is a community-driven project, therefore we at believe that the community should be involved with the creation of it from the ground floor up. Please help us propose and decide on a name for this fledgling project.

**Purpose of the Event:**Rename MeterSwap

Timeline: Submit your work by July 24, 3:59 p.m. UTC.

Submitted Content: Submit the name as well as an explanation and meaning behind the choice. Inappropriate submissions will be disqualified.

How to Submit a Name:

  1. A direct reply to the relevant post on the forum can be made, the forum address:
  2. Post in our Telegram Community (​​ and “@” our admins.
  3. Email the suggested name and explanation to the mailbox

**Prizes:**The winning submission will receive a “Named by NFT”, which proves that the name of the project was created by you. You will also receive a free Apple headset!

*All registered users who do not win but create a submission will receive a “Participant NFT”.

About Meter

Meter is DeFi infrastructure with a built-in, crypto-native, metastable currency, MTR. It uses HotStuff based PoS consensus with MTRG (Meter Governance Token) to manage the blockchain ledger. Meter functions as a highly-decentralized, high-performance side chain for Ethereum and other public chains.

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To tell the truth, the name MeterSwap was perfect in my opinion. It truly represents what the dex of Meter is. Seeing him under another name would make me really strange. He dictated that I would like it to remain MeterSwap, but I’m sure the winning name will be chosen with care and dedication


I applaud the name change, it was so bleh, when you have such an arsenal of concept and useful names at your disposal. Me I would go definately with these two:

Millimiter : precision (or a combination or one of these words) Precision, Sniper, Crosshair (something pertaining to a scope or a precision tool) or ‘’ and by the way don’t get ‘‘sniped’’ by the miner fees’’

Kilometer: volume or distance achieved for getting here (anything related of pertaining to vast amount of distance, having polished the product for a looooong time

You can take it even further and use something greater like ‘‘light mile’’ as unit of distance, let me know what you think i got plenty more ideas, meter for life! (next chainlink/matic/harmony + mev)

I support the name change, it shows a brand-new begin on your history which is good for the project publicity.

And in my view, Future Swap is a good name. Cause it implies a advanced swap tech. Moreover, when we exchange a toke, we swap the future value of it.

In my opinion a good name could be meterdex or tesladex. The use of the dex could be encouraged with rewards of meterswap token at each transaction. Is good

Already have futureswap the project name, name duplication is not good

meterdex sounds like something new, we’ll think about it

‘Hexagon’ or ‘HexagonSwap’

Your project is like a ‘bridge’ between different public chains… Hexagons shapes are useful for building bridges. It gives materials extra strength.

The main function of your project is “high-performance side chain”… The hexagon is the strongest, most useful shape. The geometry of this shape uses the least amount of material to hold the most weight. So hexagon is “high-performance” too.

How about swapMete, swapMeter, or just swapMeet.
SizzleSwap - I like this one. Works with the electric branding.

That’s all I got for ya for now.

I like this one
I hope the authorities will consider it

I think meter is already very good, but if you want to rename it, I think it should first be an easy-to-read and easy-to-remember name.


Very simple and easy to remember, I hope to consider.

I think MeterSwap is already very good
If I were to replace it, I would like the name:
Lightning Swap

Name origin:
Lightning Swap is derived from the Meter logo
Lightning means a faster, better trading experience.

meterswap is a great name, but we believe that the community is the most important part of the project, so even if we still use the name meterswap, we should still let the community decide

I have sent my suggestion by email on Juli 15,

This is my message:

  • MeterSwitch
    Combination between Meter (main chain) and switch (electric switch in a electrical device) is represent about itself, you can switching currencys in there.

  • VoltSwap
    Combination between Volt (Voltage = derived unit in electrical) and Swap (Mostly swaping dex using Swap name) it can be interpreted you can swaping small fraction currency on Meter chain.

Thanks for your oportunity.

Kindly Regards,

Putra Pradana

TG : @s_pradana
Twitter : @waroeng_kepyar

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I agree with VoltaSwap.

I invest in Meter due to I believe electronic power is the most abundant, widespread resources in the world in our civilization, which is Decentralization and Censorship Resistance,

also Electricity is stable in purchasing power and also one link between the physical world and the blockchain, which is uncheatable and keep blockchain system stable.

That is why Xiaohan and his team start this journal and
That is why Shoucheng Zhang Ph.D supported Meter and wrote the first check.

Swap is one of an important parts of Meterverse, using $MTR as gas fee, so to respect the important person in electricity innovation, I recommend named as VoltaSwap.

I propose SwapMe though I like the current name :wink:

Meterswap is probably best. I also thought of “Grid” but might be a better name for some future component

VoltSwap Namer

Congratulations to VoltSwap as a new name!
This is a successful governance for the VoltSwap community!
The final poll link can be viewed here.
Meter Governance MTRG:Snapshot
Meter Ethereum eMTRG:Snapshot

A total of 2 NFTs were released on opensea for this community governance, and the following links are available for interested users.

(VoltSwap Namer)

(VoltSwap Contributors)

The rewards for this event have been largely distributed. However, there are still 2 participants NFT have not been collected.
The winner of which received 70 NFT rewards in addition to NFT.

All the reward distribution records are as follows.
Winner NFT:
Winner’s reward (70 MTRG):

Participant NFT: