Introducing yourself to the Meter community - the first step to getting involved in DAO

Inspired by 1kxnetwork’s article How to grow decentralized communities , and this way of introducing oneself in metacartel DAO, Gitcoin DAO and ENS DAO.

This is another practice of my Meter DAO, hoping to help Meter’s community members to contribute to Meter by bootstrapping.

Any user who leaves his name under this proposal according to the rules, I will find him for a private chat at a suitable time.

If you want to contribute to the Meter community, please leave your information
Format of proposal.

Meter address: 0xf6B5FD8e2CAC43987DE603ce7942E09e2DC8A2C9
TG name:@guoxinchen
discord name:guoxinchen.eth#9161
My main interests: DAO, decentralized identity
Personal Description:Hi, I am Guo Xin Chen, currently working as Meter China Operations identity, mainly responsible for translating Meter’s daily information to China and promoting it out.