Meter Community Governance Charter (Draft)

Purpose of this draft: We hope to discuss through the community a feasible community governance system that can effectively accomplish a certain degree of community autonomy.

Meter Governance Principles

Meter governance should adhere to the principles of transparency, openness, and fairness, and divide proposals into 2 types of proposals: project-led proposals/community-led proposals, where project-led proposals are funded/executed by the project, and community-led proposals are funded by the community funding pool and executed by any designated executor (which can be the project or an external technical team).

Considering the inefficiency brought by the community proposal, we divided the proposal into two parts, the core progress is mainly for the project-led proposal, this piece of the project has a relatively large autonomy, the main role of the proposal is to disclose the project progress, and in some key stages to maintain consistency with the community. The other is the non-core proposal, which is called community-led proposal, mainly for marketing and operation work, and the community will lead and participate in the whole process.

Meter community establishment organization

Meter core community: temporarily the technical team of Meter, mainly responsible for the core development and strategy of Meter (will be handed over to the community when the community is mature)

Meter community leader: temporarily the Meter operation team, mainly responsible for maintaining the normal operation of the community (will be handed over to the community when the community is mature)

Meter community: all users holding MTRG, mainly responsible for the development of the core community around the completion of marketing and operation and other tasks

Proposal Category

  • Project-led proposals

Main types of proposals: Technology development / Important project progress / Project cooperation, etc.

Proposal implementer: Project owner

Proposal funding source: team funding

Need for Proposal: Open Project Progress / Brainstorming

  • Community-led proposals

Main types of proposals: marketing operations / project cooperation

Proposal implementation party: temporarily implemented by the project, after the introduction of a suitable external team, outsourcing the form of cooperation, if the community can have independent technical contributors, it is naturally better

Proposal funding source: community funds

The need for proposals: building a community of excellent projects in a constant flow of activities

Note: Here, since the community relies on the existence of the project side, the community’s operation proposal is mainly based on the secondary publicity of the project side’s important progress/cooperation, so as not to disrupt the project side’s rhythm, but also to facilitate the dissemination of the community’s progress.

Proposal process

(the proposal here does not include the normal progress of the project, mainly project cooperation / marketing operations)

Step 1: In the Meter forum (, start a discussion for 3 days

Step 2: Launch a proposal on Snapshot, which should be detailed and clear, with a link to the full process of the forum discussion

Step 3: The executor will follow the final decision of the proposal and initiate the completion of the proposal after the execution. If the project passes the community’s audit, the executor will receive a certain amount of community treasury reward.

Proposer requirements

(This is the proposal initiation on snapshot, forum discussion can be initiated by anyone)

Since the initiation of the proposal requires a lot of discussion material and sorting out the chain of events, the proposal is temporarily proposed by the project & community operation team.

  • The core proposals are made by the project.

  • Marketing proposals are made by the proposal initiator (here the proposal initiator is temporarily replaced by Meter‚Äôs operation team)

Proposal adoption criteria

  • Voting participation must reach 5% of MTRG circulation.

  • The winning result is the first place in the current poll and receives no less than 30% of the total votes cast.


I will communicate with Meter team to do some experiments with this mode of operation. This will also be much better.


How about Only the Validator can submit the proposal.
I do believe only $MTRG long-term holder will take care about the development of meter ecosystem

only for reference, but thanks to submit this to discuss.