Meter Passport to Theta Mainnet - Bridging Incentives

Voltswap Community,

We are going live with Theta Mainnet on Passport this week and VoltSwap on Theta sometime next week. In light of these events, we would like to propose to incentivize initial Passport bridge users to Theta Mainnet by subsidizing the transfer costs with ‘VOLT’ tokens drops per transfer. We propose to allocate up to 100K Volt for this incentive program.

The details are below;

From Ethereum to Theta Mainnet - 100 Volt per Transfer
From Other supporting Networks to Theta Mainnet - 8 Volt per Transfer

Mode of Payment – The ‘VOLT’ tokens will be dropped to the user wallets on Theta Mainnet on completion of bridge transfer

Also, the Volt drops are intended to subsidize bridge transfer costs and not profit users from bridge transfers. We also propose to reduce the quantum of incentives keeping in mind the overall goal of the incentives mentioned above (subsidize bridge cost and not profit the users). The incentives should only be applicable to transfers to Theta Mainnet.

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i agree!!! this proposal is important!! thanks Meter