Proposal: Lower gas prices

The gas price is currently at 500 Gwei. This is unfriendly not only for users but also for developers.
Uploading a contract (dApp) costs around $ 1, for example.
Performing a swap via a hop on Voltswap costs approximately $ 0.36.
Personally, I think this is unfriendly to the user and therefore suggest lowering the gas price.

My suggested ways to lower it:

  • lower to 1 gwei
  • lower to 5 gwei
  • lower to 10 gwei
  • lower to 50 gwei
  • lower to 100 gwei
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I hadn’t actually noticed this but you’re right, this should be something to focus on, making entry into the network as easy as possible should be of top priority and Gas fees are something that can deter people.