The encountered Voltswap Charts Problems

Voltswap is an interesting swap, and I just encountered some minor problems in the use of charts, some might be bugs, others might be miss of use, here’s the sharing and feedback.

*** Voltswap Charts**

first problem: For my account, the data shows that I swapped MTRG to BUSD or USDT, in fact, the swap was from VOLT to BUSD/USDT, might be some bug here.

Also, the twitter click button is linked to meter’s telegram, you can just say it’s telegram button.


In the meterscan, UNI-V2 was showed up… so voltswap was adopted from UNI-V2, right?

hope this can be a little helpful to the dev.


Received, please wait patiently for feedback

another example of the same old issue, 1st swap was from USDT to BUSD, 2nd swap was from VOLT to BUSD…both mistaken

I don’t think you are reading the info right. the info page has nothing to do with your account. It is for the entire voltswap

well, maybe the info expression is sort of misleading