The Official Welcome Thread

Let’s get to know each other as we work together to change the global financial landscape!

Please use this thread to introduce yourself. You can include:

  • How you found out about Meter
  • Any personal, professional, and academic interests
  • Where you are based geographically
  • Anything else you would like to share

We are all looking forward to learning more about you!


I’ll start!

I’m Mike and I’m the CMO and Head Cheerleader of Meter.

I found out about Meter just doing some searches on the internet about stablecoins, and was immediately enamored with the PoW-mined MTR, the hybrid consensus mechanism, the economic structure, and more. I blindly reached out to Xiaohan, laid the sales pitch on him to work together, and here we are!

I’m a dad to a 5 year-old daughter named Maya and husband to Vicky.

I have a mixed background of engineering (unfortunately not comp sci), marketing, and product, and have worked in a bunch of industries such as sports, tech, and consulting.

I’m based in Washington DC but am originally from NYC.

I love sports, poker, the outdoors, craft beer, good food, and of course, crypto!

That’s about it! Looking forward to learning more about everyone!

Hi, I’m George and very interested in the Meter project. I have a Masters in Computer Science and have been s Senior developer / lead for more years than I care to mention. Mostly based in the UK with occasional stints abroad.

I learned about the Meter project through its partnership with DOS Network and was immediately interested in the stable coin aspect of the project. Its just what the crypto space needs and could be huge!

I enjoy surfing, walking and crypto (of course!). I think this forum is a great idea and I hope it will lead to useful and focused conversations that all can contribute to.

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Welcome @georgez! Great to have you here. Please let us know of any topics you’d like to discuss!

Hey there this is Can Gurel

I’ve an industrial engineering background. Studied in USC in Los Angeles then moved back to my hometown Istanbul, Turkey. I have worked as bus. dev. exec. in energy/power plant industry for many years.

I’ve been a crypto enthusiast since 2016, moved my career to crypto last year joining BiLira. We launched Turkey’s fiat pegged stablecoin with now 10m usd worth AUM to date.

Although i had not spent time on it I remember Meter project from 2 years back. A month ago when I noticed the project is still around it caught my attention. I’ve been analysing stablecoins for a long time and was immediately impressed with pow/pos separation and dynamic block rewards stability mechanism.

Among my hobbies are beer, kite surf and muay thai

Happy to be around visionary people here!

Welcome @cangurel! Glad to see a fellow IE here. :wink:

And keep the great questions coming, I’m sure you’ll start some interesting threads here!

Hi, this is Jitendra naik Ambassador India of Meter.

I got to know about Meter when I’m searching for a new valuable project and I found Meter and after reading the documents of Meter I found that it creating something new idea to keep stable of a coin’s price and instantly applied for Meter ambassador then fortunately selected as an ambassador by Mike(CMO and Head Cheerleader of Meter)

I’m a freelancer and ambassador I working as an ambassador for a few projects including Meter.

I love to spread awareness of blockchain-based projects.

Welcome @jiten123321! And thanks for spreading the word about Meter in India!

my pleasure hope my efforts will work

Nice to meet you all! This is Jay Lee from Korea.

I invested crypto since 2017 June, participated in many ICO and invested in various cryptos. I knew about Meter from Cobak, which is a Korean Crypto Community + where Meter hold the public sale. Hope this project can attract many interests in Korea.

Other than crypto, I love watching movie and sports. Glad to meet everyone!

Welcome Jay! And thanks for your support in the Korean market!

Hi there I’m Nicolas.

I’m a stats honours student in Australia.

Have only recently started investing in crypto but been looking for smaller projects that have great potential and found myself here.
Nice to meet you all

Hi Nicolas, welcome to the forum and thanks for your intro! Looking forward to connecting here.


Hi everyone,

My name is Yamen, I found out about Meter from Suppoman, the YouTuber.

My personal interest are cars and software. I’m currently set to graduate with a degree in Economics and Tech Management from UC Davis, Ca.

Currently I’m in Davis, Ca and looking to move to the Bay Area after Grad this September.

I’m also building a mobile/connected car platform.

I’d love to help out with the team in any way I can.

Thank you