Voltswap Governance - Initial Proposal Voting through Wallet Holdings

Voltswap Community,

We just passed the first governance proposal on VoltSwap DAO this week.


Community users participating in the proposal would have noticed that they were only able to vote on the proposal with the Volt available in the MetaMask.

This, and few other votes that are restricted by timelines at this crucial stage for Voltswap will be voted through Volt available in your wallets.

From the perspective of visibility to the community, let me outline the reason for this:

Due to the unique design of Voltswap farming that introduced the ERC-721 NFT Contract based smart wallet, the LP tokens are no longer submitted to the farming contracts but the user-specific smart contract wallets. Consequently, the existing snapshot strategies do not fit our requirements and need additional development efforts.

These efforts have to consider the VoltSwap instances on both Meter Mainnet and Theta Mainnet.

In the mean-time, we would like users to assist in progressing with Voltswap Proposals through ‘Volt’ maintained in their wallets.

The development of the snapshots strategies is in progress. We will notify the community when we are able to implement these new strategies.