VoltSwap Pair Optimization for next Incentive Pool

In the current 90 day incentive pool design, we have 20 liquidity pairs with liquidity scattered across multiple pools. We are experiencing large slippages which trying to buy meter ecosystem tokens as well as few instances where the incentives could be aligned better with the goals of the VoltSwap and Meter community.

I would like to take this opportunity to analyze the current pool design, identify the goals which might appeal to the community, derive pool optimization action plan based on goals and suggest liquidity pools for the next cycle that helps us grow sustainably.

We bring this discussion to the forum to get suggestions on Goals, Pair Priorities, any addition pairs suggestions or suggestions on Incentives.

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VoltSwap Pool Optimization Proposal
  • FOR: Proposed Pairs are acceptable
  • FOR: Incentive Priorities are aligned with VoltSwap goals
  • UPDATE: Proposed Pairs as per forum discussion
  • UPDATE: Incentives as per forum discussion
  • AGAINST: Keep current pairs

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I’d propose to take a 3pool stablecoin (USDC.eth - USDT.eth - BUSD.bsc) into consideration for even better liquidity depth, if technically possible.

well… the proposal is excellent but i did not find it correct against users like me who would see the multiplier for a forced unstake reset to zero due to the removal of pools! If you find a way to be able to move liquidity automatically without losing the multiplier and the days then that’s fine for me


I agree with the new liquidity pool design. Will this be implemented after first 90 days are completed?

Good Suggestion. Will provide additional insights on its impact on liquidity, incentives as an addition to this proposal

Thank you for the suggestion. The proposal is intended to drive long term value to Voltswap. Will research some more on this and get back

Yes. This can be implemented only when first 90 day pool incentives are over.

Hi, I am guoxinchen, the operation of Meter China, very happy to see this kind of high quality discussion.
Here I have translated the document into Chinese, Chinese area partners can check the link directly: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/bw1XyGMiKpO_VRiHOI68iQ

Here for the discussion I also say some of their own views.
for the establishment of the goal, I agree, focus on the important things in the early stages of the project is the most efficient behavior. But I think the priority should be considered.
Here I have a re-ordering of priorities:

Priority 1 – Primary intention of any non-meter ecosystem pair is twofold

  1. Ability to buy/sell meter ecosystem tokens with minimum slippages
  2. Increase TVL of the meter ecosystem

Priority 2 – Ability to buy/ sell meter ecosystem tokens with minimum slippage;

  1. Priority 1 - MTRG
  2. Priority 2 - VOLT
  3. Priority 3 – MTR

Priority 3 – Enable cross chain pairs assist Meter ecosystem investors to move out to the network of their choice

  1. MTRG – WETH.eth

Priority 4 – Enable users to do cross-chain arbitrage


The most important change here is the swapping of Priority 2 and Priority 1 priorities

Because I think the ecology of Meter has just started, and it will take time for people to recognize the ecology of Meter, so the support of partners should be put in the first place, so that more project parties will come to the ecology of Meter, and the ecological foundation is the core of the value of MTRG and Volt tokens.

Got a response from Team that Uniswap does not support 3 assets pool. So we will have to continue with 2 different pools for BUSD.bsc-USDT.eth and BUSD.bsc-USDC.eth

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I think the MTRG-BNB pool is to be kept. However, it still has good liquidity. What do you think?

MTRG-BNB.bsc has around 150K liquidity. The reason we need to review stopping the rewards is that it is splitting the rewards without much added benefit of transaction volume or slippages.

  1. Currently we are giving away 5400 Volt daily to the pool. However, a 10K buy on the pool is giving 10% slippage. By more optimized pools, you could get lower slippage for BNB.bsc to MTRG while concentrating the rewards to pools that add more value. In this case, even with split pairs, MTRG to BNB.bsc swap would have <7% slippage at the anticipated liquidity

  2. Also, I am updating the proposal to add an additional Volt pair with BUSD which will increase the buy pressure on Volt and consequently the APY

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I have been providing my liquidity in WETH-VOLT pair and having multiplier but this makes my loyalty and effort useless. there should be way not to lose the multiplier if i have to migrate to other pool.

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why not just lower the reward to balance it.

Same here. I’ve been staked in the weth/volt pool since day one. Pretty frustrating my multiplier will be reset…

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