Yield Farming incentives to BusinessBuilders MTRG-FTB Liquidity pool

Proposal - Yield Farming incentives to BusinessBuilders MTRG-FTB Liquidity pool

Introduction: BusinessBuilders is a NFT based P2E simulation game launched on Meter Network. The vision is to create an engaging and rich experience to the Meter community in building in their own business empires. The NFT based game starts with minting mini-employees who gradually gain experience in the universities to grow into employees. The builders can further leverage the employees to build factories and cities.

Meter Ecosystem Growth: As one of the earlier DAPPs in the Meter ecosystem, Businessbuilders is committed to the growth of the Meter ecosystem and its community. As we build more functionalities into the P2E game, we would be able to attract larger community and create a more enriching experience. A critical part of the experience is ability of the builders to source FTB to seamlessly grow their business empires.

Currently, FTB has low liquidity on the Voltswap DEX on Meter Network. A seamless game experience would need larger and longer term liquidity to be able to attract flow of users.

Proposal: We propose a VOLT allocation of 250 VOLT per day or 7500 Volt over the 30 day incentive period to bootstrap the initial liquidity on Voltswap. As we understand, the allocation is subject to monthly review through governance proposals.

Reciprocating Incentives:
In addition to volt incentives for the provision of liquidity, we will provide further incentives to,

  1. Liquidity providers - LPs with more than 1% of the liquidity pool daily at 0 UTC will be able to claim 5 free mini-employee daily.
  2. VOLT Stakers - Accounts that have staked more than 6000 Volt in the single staking pool at 0 UTC will be able to claim 1 free mini-employee daily.

(Both these incentives are subject to review and change by the BusinessBuilders project based on the response/ efficacy of the incentives)

Through this proposal, we aim to support the ecosystem and invest in its growth. Together we aim to build an empire, not only with NFTs but also as a community.


I have read the proposal and I find it very interesting !! I will definitely vote for and contribute as much as I can to both providing liquidity and stake VOLT.

I like your mindset to be able to grow your game and meter ecosystem !! Thank you


Beautiful proposaI!!! I hope it will be taken into serious consideration also because this project is very interesting and with great potential​:rocket::fire::fire::fire::fire:


Fantastic!!! Very interesting project I would be pleased if this proposal is accepted so that the businessbuilders project can increase new players and communities​:fire::fire::fire:


I have an addition to the proposal to make.
Why not reward more those who have more VOLT in staking (this also contributing to the sustainability of the Voltswap project)?


  • from 10.000 to 20.000 VOLT = 1 mini per day
  • from 20.000 to 50.000 VOLT = 2 mini per day
  • from 50.000 to 100.000 VOLT = 3 mini per day
  • more than 100.000 VOLT = 5 mini per day

Mine is an idea, obviously it will be up to the dev to figure out if it can be feasible or change the parameters above.


Updated VOLT ranges. This will be our initial implementation, based on this value you will be able to obtain daily NFTs in our DAPP https://meter.businessbuilders.city

  • from 10.000 to 20.000 VOLT = 1 mini per day
  • from 20.000 to 50.000 VOLT = 2 mini per day
  • from 50.000 to 100.000 VOLT = 1 special per day
  • more than 100.000 VOLT = 2 special per day

This does not mean that they will be maintained; we will review them monthly and make the necessary changes to improve the balance of the project.


surely this proposal is also very very interesting !! I fully agree with it :clap: :clap:


Business Builders is a great project and it’s one of the first dapps on Meter so I think it needs to be protected and helped to grow


respectable proposal! I will definitely vote in favor being a big supporter of businessbuilders!


Very interesting, great for growing the game and the ecosystem that hosts it. Very interested in participating.


It is a beautiful initiative. I hope it will be realized

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The proposal is really interesting !! I like! I will definitely vote for it. However, I already provide liquidity in the mtrg / ftb pool.
So full speed ahead!