BusinessBuildersNFT economic update

During the last few months we have seen the potential of our city system. Therefore we decided to reduce rewards while we prepare our environment for a good time in the hard market.

In the last month some of our users have sold their relationships for instant profits without protecting the long term future of the project. Statistically we are joining on a hard cycle where we have a massive reduction of investors and reinvestments so we decided to reduce the rewards significantly until we can get the project back on track.

Obviously you are investors and you are free to decide what will be the future of the project with your investment power.

We know that many users have invested for a long time and that there are also new users. With this proposal we intend to increase the life time of the project and, in addition, to protect the new investment of the users. As we said in many announcements, our system depends on investment and reinvestment and in the last month the old users have sold as many tokens as possible and the new ones are still growing so we decided to implement a new update that will reduce the rewards for the big users and improve the lifetime for the new investors.


  1. Increase the cycle time to 30 days without restart the buy and burn system on the Meter network.

Note: Right now we have two ways to protect our project, increase the cycle times enought to reach new users and adquire new investments. The second way is increase the FTB buy and burn using our bots and other DAPPs.

We collect this funds using other developments and if we dont have volume we can’t buy and burn FTB because we need to collect funds to pay servers and pay the development of the systems. Basically we only can buy and burn FTB if the usres uses our DAPPs.

  1. Increase the cycle time to 60 but start the buy and burn system again and launch the NFT battle to increase the FTB buying and burning system.

Note: We are developing constant products, the next game will be the NFT battles and we want to use it to improve the cities system economy using the buying and burning system. But only if the users stop the selling pressure, this is why we combine the buy and burn system integration and activation with an absurd cycle time.

  1. Increase the cycle time to 15 days but separate the FTB buying and burning system from the game economy.

We hope all users understand why we create it and we will do more updates If it is necessary to protect the life of the project.

Vote for the proposal: Snapshot