MIP 3: Pursue strategic MTRG and AMPL swap with the Ampleswap Foundation


Dear Community,

Meter proposes a token exchange between $MTRG and $AMPL to facilitate cooperation between the two parties.


Meter is a high-performance infrastructure that allows smart contracts to interoperate on different blockchains. Meter’s mainnet uses HotStuff consensus and is secured by over 110 verified nodes (scalable to thousands) from the community. It is one of the most decentralized and highest performing Ethereum sidechains.

While the Meter team can support Ampleforth in its omni chain interoperability with the Meter Passport, Ampleforth can significantly boost Meter Ecosystem with access to AMPL token on Meter and Ampleforth community.

Mete will also leverage Ampleforth Geyser vaults on Voltswap.

Proposal Details

OTC transaction amount: (not exceeding $100,000 in total), no premium transactions

Meter project parties contribute up to $50,000 MTRG
AMPL project parties contribute up to $50,000 AMPL

Token price calculation: Due to the huge volatility of cryptocurrencies, the price of MTRG and AMPL will be calculated based on the market price at the time the proposal is adopted


Both Meter and AmplForth are excellent teams, but as our respective ecosystems grow, we both increasingly need to further strengthen our partnerships with additional financial incentives and better secure our project partners by diversifying our tokens against market risk.

Partnership History | Meter and AmplForth

Meter and AmplForth are close partners. In June of this year, Ampleforth became one of the first projects to launch on Meter Passport, Meter’s official cross-chain bridge. The partnership allows Ampleforth to not only transfer AMPL tokens across chains, but also to control the multi-chain token variant base and total circulation via a master smart contract on Ether.

This topic is recreated. Original creation date was October, 2021. The corresponding governance proposal can be found here - Snapshot