Proposal to BURN 30M of MTRG from Foundation Growth Reserve (Indefinitely Locked)

Hi everyone. I m PaoloG and and as you know I was one of the first investors in MTRG since I discovered it in August 2020.

I have always followed it with enthusiasm so much so that I decided to create the Italian community of Meter and above all I created more than 10 nodes on in the POS mainnet to help decentralization.

I’ve been in the crypto world since the beginning of 2018 and since then I’ve learned a lot and especially in the last year I’ve understood how fundamental tokenomics is in a project (but we’ll talk about it later).

Having said that, I think we have reached a delicate phase of the project and we must somehow give a “push” because I really think that Meter has EVERYTHING to be able to enter the top 100 of the CMC rank.

When I say it has EVERYTHING I mean that in my opinion it has:

  • a great team with a unique vision because the concept of MTR as a metastable coin and as a currency to pay the gas fee of the network was a brilliant idea by Xiaohan. Now with the 5x throttle reduction we have a really fast, scalable and also very very cheap network (we are one of the first cheapest EVMs)
  • A good number of devs building DAPPs on the Meter network (see the Builders business dev doing an amazing job with his Metaverse + battles)
  • A good community looking on CT to support the project like never before

The current weak point of the project in my opinion is tokenomics and I’ll explain my point of view.
I’m not talking about the total supply of 40M which is fine because as you well know 21M are already in circulation and 15M are currently blocked and will only be issued in the event of future liquidity programs (therefore today we need not fear and above all if they entering the circulation only increase the supply without affecting the price).

However, I have had my reservation about the 30M MTRG reserved for the “Foundation Growth Reserve". I don’t know if everyone knows but these 30M of MTRG are unlocked 1M at a time as the MTRG mcap reaches 100M of mcap… so for example:

  • at 100M of mcap 1M of MTRG will be unlocked
  • at 200M of mcap another 1M will be unlocked
  • at 300M of mcap another 1M will be unlocked

  • at 3B of mcap the last 1M of MTRG will be unlocked until the 30M is completely unlocked

As I told you above, I believe that tokenomics is nowadays FUNDAMENTAL in a project and I believe that the value proposition for the release of 30M tokens based on marketcap is outweighed by the reluctance of new investors reviewing Meter for investment. As the first thing most investors look for in a project is tokenomics, large unlock in the future has negative impact on the attractiveness of Meter. I fear that this thought is lingering over new as well as old community users in Meter.

To repeat: I believe that the benefit of adding these tokens into circulation is lower than its impact on attractiveness of the project on new as well as new community members

So having said that, I have decided to open this discussion on the meter forum to propose to the Meter team to make a “drastic” choice, and that’s:

I propose to totally BURN definitely these 30M :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:

In this way it will be possible to give the project a tokenomic relaunch and therefore the possibility of regaining the right visibility that I believe this project should have.

Sorry if I was long but it was right and right now to intervene regarding this thing.

Full speed ahead Meter, together we will move forward!! $MTRG



I think this is a great proposal. Token emission has a huge affect on attractiveness towards new potential investors and if we’re looking at being diluted to such an extreme extent it’s very unattractive for major investors. Really there is nothing gained from these emissions especially seeing how mtrg isn’t even used for gas. It is just a governance token and having it be attractive in its tokenomics will be one of the few draws since it has no inherent demand.


great proposal , i could be benefit for the project


It’s something that’s important for the growth of course but what was the point of the release? It is for marketing purposes or for the team funds?
But I think it’s something good that can push us far higher if the tokenomics emissions curve is approved as well

I agree with your proposal :fire:

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it will be the community through a governance proposal to decide how they will be used… but they really don’t make sense to me.

Their existence only drives investors away

The team already has other MTRGs they can use so these don’t make sense

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Thanks for clarify :slight_smile:

I think this is a good idea!

I agree with this proposal

It would be interesting to hear from the team what the original intention of this mechanism was and whether the thinking has now changed

But we really need MTRG value to start increasing soon and removing barriers like this one seems like a good plan

Definitely, from a tokenomics standpoint, the lesser the token is in circulation, the better it is for the project’s token price.

This is a no brainer.

How about this is locked as a collateral for the PASS token holders instead? There’s been little to no discussion about the plan for PASS… if it’s collateralized, it could be used in liquidity pools at least!