Voltswap User Feedback & Suggestions

Hi Everyone,

Figured I’d start this thread for feedback & general suggestions (pairs we’d like to see, features etc) on the DEX.

I have a few to start off with I’d like to throw in, here they are:

  1. When clicking “details” on farms, make link open in same window as opposed to opening a new tab, and on stake/unstake page, have a “back” button to return to farms page, better for UX imo.

  2. Show individual Pooled token totals in farm to allow users to check IL, not just total LP token amounts.

  3. Add commas to APY numbers to make them more easy to read, easier to see 1,000% (or 1.000% for our Euro pals) as opposed to 25242742%.

  4. (not necessary but useful) Add a dropdown dashboard of pool rewards earned, total stake etc that’s easily accessible from homepage rather than clicking through 2-3 pages to get to vault/farm view page.

That’s all I have for now, if anyone has token pairs they’d like to see or suggestions as well I guess we can use this thread for that.

Happy Farming Meterians. :zap: